Ways to Save Money on Video Production


It’s no secret that corporate video can be a costly marketing strategy. But for a brand striving to stay on top of the competition, video production is something you cannot skip to save a few bucks.

If you want to publish a quality video content yet want to stick on a budget, this article will surely be of great help. Whether you are producing a sales or an explainer video, these tips will surely help lower production cost.

Create a Plan

First and foremost, you need to have a solid plan on how you will create the video. Consider it as your blueprint on the end result of your corporate video. You may think it as the easiest step of the process but planning is one of the most overlooked steps of corporate video production.  

What many do not realize is that planning helps you to stay on track of your budget. It will help you avoid unnecessary costs and delays. You want to be clear on your goals, steps in reaching them, tools you will need, ways to determine success.  

Set a budget

Just like any other marketing efforts, the first step in any video production project is to set a budget. The good thing about video production is that you can scale it up or down depending on the budget you have.

The moment you already have a budget set; the next step is to map it out. If this is your first time to produce a video, keep your budget under control. On the other hand, if you’ve already done video production before, then ask yourself some qualifying questions.

Execute Your Plan Carefully

No matter how well planned your video is, if the execution has been rushed, then it might not be able to meet your expectations. Plus, rushing a project can be very costly.  Imagine having to double your expenses just because your clients didn’t like your content because it was rushed. Besides having to spend more money on the production, you have to invest more time and effort as well. Instead of rushing things to be done, you want to carefully execute your plan to avoid unnecessary mistakes and expenses.

Be Economical

If possible, combine different videos, locations, or shoots at one time without rushing the process. It can really help you maximize your budget. If you could borrow resources and equipment instead of renting one, then it will be another way for you to save your budget. Moreover, if you have a staff who’s good in scriptwriting, friends who have access to locations, or you have a studio in your office, try to maximize them by using these resources for filming. With these options in mind, you can avoid paying for a bunch of expensive equipment and resources. If you don’t have access to them,  be sure to keep expenses to a minimum.

Be Flexible

While we mentioned that planning is really important, you have to balance it with flexibility. With flexibility, it will be easier for you to keep costs under control. Just be smart about which parts of your plan you can change and which parts you cannot.

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